FRANKENSTEIN WIDEBOY at Nero’s 82 17/11/19 The Moon, CARDIFF

SECRETS by Frankenstein Wideboy

Recorded 08.09.20

Secrets was a song written for the Frankenstein Wideboy performance at the The Moon, Cardiff. The 12 song set of original songs (and a cover of Sex Gang Children’s ‘Sebastiane’. Andy Sex Gang was a special guest performance at the event), was created using anecdotes from Goths who frequented clubs and bars in Cardiff in the early 80’s, such as Nero’s and The Mars Bar. It was part of the UnderTheCounterCulture Festival curated by tactile BOSCH.

Secrets is described by Elton of SP as ‘Drone-Goth’ with Uri lyrically recalling phases from this years as a Cardiff Goth. Secrets will become a track in the Starlings Planet set with the audience encouraged to write down their secrets anonymously and Uri will incorporate them into the live track, subverting the border between band and audience. Other tracks performed at The Moon will be recorded in the coming months while the idea of Frankenstein Wideboy as a starting point for a alternative Goth musical/stage play is being developed.

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FRANKENSTEIN WIDEBOY SET LIST included Sebastiane, Clocks, B-Movie, Secrets, Fallen Race, Emily, Dance in Black, Sophia Gardens, Goth Kitten, encore Action Man

Here’s a massive thank you and YEAH to all who were involved in setting up, taking part in, contributing to and who made it along to our Starlings Planet Presents…’Frankenstein Wideboy’ happening in the Moon Club…it really was a blast. Special thanks to all at Tactile Bosch / UnderTheCounterCulture, Elton Braces, Purple Black, Sean the Sound, The lovely staff at The Moon who made top notch coffees and pops, all the Goth Kittens, Queens and KIngs…and infinite gratitude to Andi (Dada Degas / Sex Gang Children) for taking a chance and diving into the moment with elegance, charm and such goodwill…THANK YOU…You are STARS x x love Uri, Vi and Elton

Photograph by Cherry Bernstein

Starlings Planet frontman Uri d’Obscuree is an eternal Goth, a frequent visitor to Cardiff music clubs such as Nero’s and the Mar’s Bar in the 80’s, he hooks up with Elton Braces to present, for one AFTERNOON ONLY, FRANKENSTEIN WIDEBOY: a set of Goth influenced songs written using recollections of folk who were Goth’s in 1980’s Cardiff. These new songs will punctuate a Dark Disco of Goth Classics. All Goths new and old and non-Goths welcome (except casuals). Black make-up and crimpers will be available on the door.  A few hours of fun, music, memories, nostalgia celebrating Goth music and the Goth’s of Cardiff. Dress to express!


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