Urban Wyrd nominated for Mercury Prize


Press  Release 01.04.20

Starlings Planet are excited to reveal they have been nominated for their album Urban Wyrd for a Mercury Music Award. This is the first time a band has been nominated for an album still in production. EB of the band said “Uri and I were in a bar in London in February having a whistling meeting where we whistle ideas for tunes to each other that could be developed into songs. Mercury Prize Judge Micky Most over heard us whistling and nominated us!! “It’s a huge honour” said Lead singer Uri, “it must have been the cuckoo speaking, while we now just have to finish the album…”

Frankenstein Wideboy thanks you all xxx

Here’s a massive thank you and YEAH to all who were involved in setting up, taking part in, contributing to and who made it along to our Starlings Planet Presents…’Frankenstein Wideboy’ happening in the Moon Club…it really was a blast. Special thanks to all at Tactile Bosch / UnderTheCounterCulture, Purple Black, Sean the Sound, The lovely staff at The Moon who made top notch coffees and pops, all the Goth Kittens, Queens and KIngs…and infinite gratitude to Andi (Dada Degas / Sex Gang Children) for taking a chance and diving into the moment with elegance, charm and such goodwill…THANK YOU…You are STARS x x
love Uri, Vi and Elton

Photographs by Andrew Davies