Wyrd Wonder Review 26.06.19

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“Warriors of the Waistband”

Except from Review in ‘The Ear’ Issue 12, Winter 2018

Uri, Elton and Vi wooed the crowd at their recent gig at the Crow Club in Melton Mowbury. Opening for Spanner the infamous Art Punk Trio, Starling’s Planet gave us a set that was ironically ‘music to our ears’, moving from Post-punk Goth whispers to power pop with a stomping encore of Tainted Love. Uri floated across stage as only a middle-aged occultist knows how, while the sense of knowing that underpinned their set was delivered with warmth, with the audience integral to every song. Elton on ‘Mac and Keys’, kept it low key, (in keeping with Uri’s booming vocals) only stepping into the lights for a storming megaphone siren solo at the end (yes megaphone!). Starling’s Planet is a collaboration between, how shall we say, a seasoned musician and an experience visual artist, the result a mixture of indie irony, 80’s music, art house performance but above all fun where we all are part of the experience and the strength of Starling’s Planet is we are all in on the joke.

Steve Dynamo. The Ear.

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